Coaching Course For New shooters

What is involved

Legislation requires the first visit to the club is an orientation and introduction visit.  You will be taught firearm safety and coached in the procedure of prone rifle shooting and fitted with the right equipment.   We have all of the equipment needed to start a new shooter in the sport, in fact we strongly recommend that no equipment is purchased without talking to us first regarding suitability.
On the second visit the application/coaching fee (£60) will be payable.   This is when you will fire the rifle for the first time you will be placed into groups and assigned a Coach who will fully supervise your training.   
On subsequent visits the Coach will work very closely with you guiding you in how you prepare for and approach your shooting and give advice.  Smallbore target requires focus and commitment.   Your Coach will help you develop the entry level skills to allow you to shoot with confidence.


Coaching for new shooters will usually be on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening from 6.30pm to 9.00pm.