Becoming a Member
WPRC is a Members Only shooting club in south west London    
You may become a member if you are new to shooting or are already a member of another  Home Office authorised shooting club.
We are based in south west London, if you can not easily get to this area there are other clubs around the country. Please make enquiries of the National Smallbore Rifle Association by clicking here

New to Shooting

If you are new to shooting then under current Firearms legislation shooting is not a sport where you can just come along and try it.   The law requires that a new shooter must first become a probationary member of a club and must undertake gun safety training and coaching before they can become a full member.  There is a minimum of  6 month probationary period where the probationary member will be under coaching and will be expected to shoot regularly and develop their competencies.  After the six month probationary period has lapsed a Probationary Member may then apply to the Committee to become a full member.     
Prior to anyone shooting at the club, you will need to complete an application form which will need to be vetted and approved by the Police Firearm Authorities who check character references and criminal records and decide upon suitability.Application forms will be provide to prospective members at the time of booking onto an induction course.
Induction coaching courses for Probationary Members occurs on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings between 18:30 and 21:00. The cost to attend an induction course is £60 which covers eight sessions (2 months).

Due to unprecedented demand, the waiting list to attend an induction course has risen to nearly two years. Regrettably therefore we have decided not to accept new shooters onto the waiting list for the time being. You may however like to consider the following options:

  1. An NRA course at Bisley in Surrey:
  2. For Juniors (aged 8-18) who run courses for air rifle shooting.

If you are an experienced shooter

If you are a member of an existing Club or holder of a valid Firearms Certificate then please contact us clearly stating what level of experience you have. You will then be invited to visit the club and discuss your application.