Our club is a competitive shooting club with members competing at all levels; Club, County, National and International competitions and we have a number of Home Countries and Great Britain Internationals. We pride ourselves that a number of these champions are ‘home grown’ thus we are always delighted to welcome new participants in our sport including juniors (over 14 years old )  and it is a sport where women compete on equal terms.

All members are actively encouraged to compete in competitions.  While this may first appear daunting, it allows you to objectively observe how you are improving as your average scores increase over time.   Although you may be competing against others, it really is a competition against yourself and your continual drive for improvement.

Competitions take several forms

Club Competitions – The club runs an internal club handicap competition every spring and a Club Championship in three classes each Autumn.

Postal Competitions -  The club competes in NSRA and Surrey postal competitions as well as other leagues such as the polar bear 50m league. 

You compete against shooters from all over the nation, but in clearly defined Divisions that are based on shooters average scores.  So, whilst you only compete against shooters of a similar skill level, the incentive is to hone your skills to win and thus become a better shooter.

Open Shoots – These take place at various shooting venues including the National Shooting Centre at Bisley. We sometimes travel as a group to these, which really is good fun.

National Competitions – These are big annual shoots with hundreds of competitors across all skill levels, so even a newer shooter can join in and get the wonderful buzz of being amongst the best and shooting alongside champions. 

International Competitions – These are for the Countries’ top shooters and have the ability for travel all over the world to compete. Many of our recent shooters have been part of these teams of which we are rightly proud.

In addition there are various other competitions run by various manufacturers, clubs and associations.

Competing is great fun and can be done on an individual or team level.